Dwór Strzyżew

   In your spare time

How to enjoy your time in the manor? Maybe you could learn the ancient court dances? Or fight a duel with sabers? Learn the swordmanship? Whether to participate in the fire theatre show?

We suggest among others:

- a show as well as teaching of the old court dance

- a show and teaching of swordmanship in staged "court blizzard"

- fire theatre show – the performance of staging group according to our scenario.

Free time at the manor can be also spent in an active way. We have a three-track shooting archery, some room for a fireplace, giant walking areas and meadows for outdoor plays.

We have: 

- an archery track with professional service,

- some room for a campfire and also for an outdoor dinner.

After a day full of activities and attractions you can also relax by the fireplace, billiards or traditional board games in the manor.